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Adverse Effects

Medical Thriller


Dr. Cristina Silva, clinical psychiatrist, has reason to worry when patients in her study group start killing herself: she’s taking the same drug. Afraid of losing recovered memories she’d lost in an accident that claimed her parents lives, she searches for proof the drug is safe. Dogged by hallucinations, nightmares, delusions, and a commanding voice in her head, Cristina struggles to keep her wits while she battles real and perceived threats against her career and her life. As her mental state deteriorates, she must face the possibility she is going insane, everyone she trusts is against her, or both. Her search for her true identity has her dodging the drug company’s terrorist stockholders, friends who may be enemies, and the adverse effects of a drug that could destroy her.

Heroic Measures

Medical Thriller

When a cadaver regenerates on the autopsy table, goes berserk, and beheads itself, medical examiner Lt Col Timothy Blackwell uncovers a plot to turn soldiers into super-weapons--a plan that has gone horribly wrong. After the body goes missing, Blackwell searches for answers but his CO threatens to expose Blackwell's unsanctioned fraternization with his enlisted technician if he doesn't let it drop. But when Blackwell discovers his cousin, an Army intelligence officer, is the next experiment, he must risk his career and his freedom to save her.